GCI held the fourth CREATE online seminar on 29 July 2020. A copy of the presentation slides and a recording of the presentation is available for viewing below.

The power of data for community coalitions: Deciding together – risk and protective factor- methodology
In recent years many communities have invested in preparing ‘State of the Child’ reports for their areas in order to guide decisions about how to improve the wellbeing of local children. 

The CREATE Deciding Together methodology takes these efforts to a new level by incorporating the voices of children through Rumble’s Quest and by organising a wide range of data about child wellbeing within a risk and protective factors framework derived from decades of longitudinal research. 

The CREATE Deciding Together methodology brings together three data sources: the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC); Government and Australian Bureau of Statistics child-related indicators; and wellbeing data derived from Rumble’s Quest. 

One thing that makes the Deciding Together methodology different from the ‘State of the Child’ reports is its reliance on the longitudinal research literature to identify 23 risk and protective factors for child wellbeing. In other words, risk and protective factors do not emerge from community data but from the large number of long-term rigorous studies that have been carried out in fields such as developmental psychology, health, criminology, education and substance abuse. The Deciding Together methodology combines this knowledge from science, with suburb level data to inform goal setting and planning for targeted action.  

Within this webinar we present preliminary results emerging from this CREATE Project initiative. Our analyses so far confirm the power of the Deciding Together methodology for assessing child needs at a small area level, revealing wide variability between suburbs within communities.   

Presented by Professor Ross Homel, and Dr Jacqui Homel, Lecturer – School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

View presentation slides here