GCI held the third CREATE online seminar on 22 July 2020. A copy of the presentation slides and a recording of the presentation is available for viewing below.

The voices of children are often missing when decisions are made about how best to enhance their wellbeing. Rumble’s Quest was developed so decision makers would have a reliable way to engage primary-school-aged children directly in the  measurement of school- and community-wide social and emotional wellbeing. 
Rumble’s Quest is a robust and reliable measure of wellbeing designed specifically for 6-to-12 year old children. It offers a scientifically validated and developmentally-appropriate process for assessing multiple dimensions of child wellbeing.  It is presented as an engaging computer game, so children can respond to the questions in a natural way. 

Rumble’s Quest is an effective tool for assessment, program planning, and program evaluation. It helps schools and other child-serving organisations to: understand children’s strengths; plan supportive action in response to identified opportunities for growth; and review the effects of those actions once undertaken.
This webinar will introduce you to the Rumble’s Quest package. This includes the measure itself, and a management dashboard that offers training modules and reporting tools that empower schools and service agencies to collect, review, and act on data to tailor initiatives that promote the wellbeing of children in their community. 

Presented by Dr Kate Freiberg, Principal Research Fellow – Griffith Criminology Institute.

View presentation slides here