CREATE-ing Pathways to Child Wellbeing 2020 Seminar Series


GCI held its first online seminar ‘The power of a critical friend – Collective Change Facilitation’ on 17 June 2020. A copy of the presentation slides and a recording of the presentation is available for viewing below.

Do you ever wish you could call a friend to bounce ideas around or ask them for their opinion? Do you wish you had someone you could rely on to provide you with honest but constructive advice? Or someone who can keep an eye on the big picture and ask those tricky questions that get you thinking?

Collective Change Facilitators (sometimes known as Collective Impact Facilitators) are an important part of the Prevention Translation and Support System being developed as part of the CREATE-ing Pathways to Child Wellbeing project. Collective Change Facilitators work to strengthen Community Coalition functioning, a factor that has been linked to coalition success when influencing positive community change. They support collaboration and relationships within and external to the community coalition by working alongside members of a partnership to enhance their functioning while also building capacity.  As part of this presentation, we will unpack what it means to be a Collective Change Facilitator and discuss the impact of a critical friend walking alongside you.   

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