Griffith Criminology Institute, in partnership with the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, hosted the seventh annual Applied Research in Crime and Justice Conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is the third time Griffith Criminology Institute has hosted this conference, with previous years being 2016 and 2018.

This conference showcased Australian and international research in the areas of policing, offender rehabilitation, situational crime prevention, corrections, early intervention and criminal justice administration. Researchers, practitioners and policy makers from all levels of government had the opportunity to see how new research can help develop more effective, efficient and equitable ways of managing crime and justice.

Over 200 delegates from around Australia and New Zealand heard four keynote presentations from 5 presenters:

  • Prisoner reentry twenty years later: The state of practice, research, and policy, Christy Visher, University of Delaware
  • The role of non-Indigenous researchers in Indigenous-focused criminal justice research, Mick Gooda, Former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner and Co-Chair of The
    Queensland First Children and Families Board and Elena Marchetti, Griffith University
  • Future crime, Shane Johnson, University College London
  • Liquor, lockouts and last drinks: what have we learned after a decade of policy change to reduce alcohol-related violence in Australia?, Peter Miller, Deakin University

The program also included 30 concurrent sessions across eight themes and provided an informative time for delegates to refresh their knowledge base and explore innovations in crime and justice research. GCI was strongly represented in the presentations including current researchers, adjunct members, current PhD students and PhD alumni.

Selected presentation slides from the conference can be viewed here