This is the third symposium GCI has run in collaboration with Queensland Corrective Services. It was attended by around 180 delegates including QCS staff from operational and support roles as well as academics from around Australia and internationally.

The symposium builds upon growing industry partnership through research to examine safer, ethical, humane and effective corrections, centered around the launch of Corrections 2030, the QCS 10 year strategic road map.

The symposium was opened by QCS Commissioner Peter Martin. Presentations examined the cost and opportunities in incarceration, effective correctional supervision and rehabilitation, and mature ethical corrections. Todd Clear (Rutgers University), James Ogloff (Swinburne University of Technology) and GCI’s Susan Dennison were keynote speakers. Members John Rynne (with PhD candidate Yolanda Adams), Lacey Schaefer, Kirsten Besemer and Julie Barkworth all gave well-received papers.