The 9th biennial Australia New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse (ANZATSA) international research, theory and practice conference was co-organised by GCI member Danielle Harris with ANZATSA. The second of these conferences hosted by GCI, it was an outstanding success, with overflowing registrations, great speakers, a packed public engagement event and a fantastic energy.

The conference included one day of 11 pre conference workshops, two conference days with over 56 speakers and also a public engagement event. Keynote speakers included Simon Hackett from Durham University, Ramond Knight from Brandeis University and Sharon Kelley from Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Centre. A panel on Indigenous voices and Hamful Sexual Behaviour and a panel on Recommendations of the Royal Commission into Responses to Institutional Child Sexual Abuse were also included. The National Office for Child Safety also hosted a Co-design workshop for the development of a National Strategy to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.