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Sweltering Cities panel warns Brisbane heatwaves will worsen

Brisbane faces a critical challenge as heatwaves worsen due to poor urban design. A recent Sweltering Cities panel warns of intense heat pockets caused by… Read More

Increased heat: What does it mean for older Australians?

Members of the Ethos research team at Griffith University discuss the effect of increased heat on older Australians in 2023 October Australian Association of Gerontology… Read More

Ethos August Newsletter

Ella and Mehak have put together the August 2023 Ethos Newsletter (click here… Read More

Striking before its El Nino hot: raising awareness of older people’s heat health risks

The team have published a piece on the Intouch Public Health blog about raising awareness of the coming heat this summer. Head over to the… Read More

Ethos Year 1 at a Glance

Now since we have finished our first year of the project, Shannon has presented a summary of our first year of research at the Public… Read More

Ethos December Newsletter

Here is the Ethos 2022 December newsletter, created by Ella Jackman and Mehak Oberai… Read More

5 Reasons to Check on your Elderly Neighbour during a Heatwave

In a recent published conversation piece, Prof. Shannon and Doctoral Candidate Sarah Cunningham have given some tips for staying cool in this warmer weather and explain why looking after our vulnerable neighbors is especially important. Read More

Why Do Heat Health Risks Increase as We Age?

As part of our first newsletter, I thought I would write a short piece on the underlying physiological changes happen as we age, and why… Read More