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Likelihood of more Ambulance Callouts as Heatwave Conditions Continue

In this post by the Griffith news media, Mehak, Aaron and Shannon discuss their latest publication in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public… Read More

Ethos Video Release Part 1 – Claire’s warning: Heat, humidity and health

In part one of our video series, we look at heat health from the perspective of Claire, who finds her Dad suffering from heatstroke. Read More

Striking before its El Nino hot: raising awareness of older people’s heat health risks

The team have published a piece on the Intouch Public Health blog about raising awareness of the coming heat this summer. Head over to the… Read More

Ethos Year 1 at a Glance

Now since we have finished our first year of the project, Shannon has presented a summary of our first year of research at the Public… Read More

Ethos Survey Results- An overview

Now since we have finished our survey, a summary of the results is now available. Click here to open in a… Read More

Why Do Heat Health Risks Increase as We Age?

As part of our first newsletter, I thought I would write a short piece on the underlying physiological changes happen as we age, and why… Read More