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There is little success where there is little laughter: New publication on organisational wellbeing

WOW member and incoming director co-edits cutting-edge book providing latest insights into perspectives on organisational wellbeing. Organisational wellbeing is a relatively new buzz word in… Read More

‘When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their souls at home’ – A new informed resource with real world case studies for Human Resource Management

WOW member co-edits book on Human Resource Management (HRM) that examines how organisations manage their people. The roots of HRM can be found in the… Read More

Performance appraisal stress? Try to look on the bright side

WOW PhD candidate co-publishes as first author in renowned psychology journal Is the stress of your next performance appraisal getting you down? It might not… Read More

I’m starting to feel sick tomorrow: A management history perspective to coronavirus in the workplace

WOW academic co-authors ‘The most comprehensive and in-depth examination of its subject matter in the marketplace’. COVID-19 and its associated global… Read More

Ageing academics do not retire – they just give up their administration and fly away: a study of continuing employment of older academic international business travellers

WOW members publish first of its kind study, examining a newer breed of globally mobile international employee: older academic international business… Read More

The evolution of employee voice and collaborative workplace relations

By Troy Miller The issue of speaking up or remaining silent faces us on a daily basis. The notion that people should have a say… Read More

Technological development outpacing understanding, HR researcher says

The critical importance of technology is becoming more recognised in the 21st century knowledge economy but the digitisation of our work lives is often misunderstood,… Read More

Do organisations believe people are assets?

Griffith Academics provide innovative analysis of the evolution, challenges and emerging developments in HRM internationally In the recent book The SAGE Handbook of Human… Read More