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ARC Update – Improving people management systems in emergency services

WOW members conduct research that improves mental health prospects for emergency service workers As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded globally, and… Read More

Griffith researchers investigate young carers in Australia

Written by Professor Kate Hutchings Researchers from Griffith University have partnered with Arafmi Ltd and Little Dreamers to investigate the extent of caring roles of,… Read More

What to do when the boss is blue? WOW academic investigates the effects of supervisors’ negative emotions on their subordinates

WOW member produces first of its kind study that incorporates self-efficacy to manage work and life as a personal resource and… Read More

I’m starting to feel sick tomorrow: A management history perspective to coronavirus in the workplace

WOW academic co-authors ‘The most comprehensive and in-depth examination of its subject matter in the marketplace’. COVID-19 and its associated global… Read More

Our strength lies in differences, not in similarities: a paper on diversity and inclusion

As those of us working in the diversity and inclusion sector or who have taken the citizenship test recently would know, over one quarter of… Read More

To speak or not to speak? WOW academics co-author research handbook on employee voice

Do you have a voice at work? Do you know when to speak up or say nothing? These are some of the aspects of employee… Read More

Ageing academics do not retire – they just give up their administration and fly away: a study of continuing employment of older academic international business travellers

WOW members publish first of its kind study, examining a newer breed of globally mobile international employee: older academic international business… Read More

Griffith expert gives tips on how to cope in close quarters

Originally written by Christen Hill in Griffith News With many employees now working from home around the country, as measures to stop the spread of… Read More

What’s the value of a case study? Why HRM educators need them

Multiple WOW members contribute to Human Resource Management (HRM) case study compilation – a first of its kind Professor Tony… Read More

Collective dimensions of leadership: The challenges of connecting theory, method and practice

WOW member co-edits competitive Special Issue of Human Relations The global, national and local response to the Coronavirus crisis has exemplified the limitations of the… Read More