Are you a young person aged 9-24 who provides unpaid care/support or spends extra time looking after someone who needs assistance?

If yes, we would like to hear from you!

Photo credit: Carers NSW

We are a team of researchers at Griffith University in Queensland who have been engaged by Arafmi Ltd and Little Dreamers to examine the experiences of young people (aged 9-24) who provide care or assist in providing care to family members or friends. The research has received approval from Griffith University’s Human Research Ethics Committee.

We would like to hear about your experiences so that we gain a better understanding of how to support young carers in the future.

We are asking you to complete an online survey that will take 15 minutes.

To thank you for your time in completing the survey, you can enter into a prize draw to win one of four $100 Coles or Kmart store vouchers.

Your answers will be kept confidential.

When you start the survey you will need to read and agree to the conditions outlined in the research information sheet.

If you are aged under 16 you will need a parent/guardian to agree for you to undertake our survey (and they may complete the survey for you and ask you what responses you want to provide to the questions, or you may complete the survey on your own).

The survey will be available until 24 May 2021 and there will be a prize draw for one of four $100 vouchers.
If you would like to complete the survey, you can access it through this link:

Thank you for your time!