Professor AJ Brown from Griffith GIR

Professor AJ Brown

Professor AJ Brown from the School of Government and International Relations and Centre for Governance and Public Policy was awarded $303,000 by ARC Linkage Projects and partners for the project “Strengthening Australia’s national integrity system”.


Project Overview

‘Strengthening Australia’s National Integrity System’ is an Australian Research Council-funded Linkage Project conducting Griffith’s second national integrity system assessment, this time with organisations across multiple sectors; public, private and NGOs. Coordinated by Griffith’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy and led by Professor AJ Brown, it involves a team of independent experts including researchers from Flinders University and the University of Sunshine Coast, and partner investigators from Transparency International Australia, and leading integrity institutions throughout Australia.

In reality, Australia needs the strongest possible system to safeguard integrity in government, and identify, deal with and prevent official corruption. But despite leading in many areas of democracy, public and international confidence in Australia’s institutions has been slipping since 2012, according to the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

Professor Brown’s research informed the Australian Government’s Senate Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission in 2017, which recommended the final report be used to help guide ultimate reform. In September 2018, the project options paper was tabled in Federal parliament in a Matter of Public Importance debate on the creation of a federal anti-corruption body.

The resulting ‘whistleblower’ amendments to the Corporations Act and overhaul of the private sector whistleblower protections, provides some hope that bipartisan integrity reforms can be achieved in Australia. Read more…