Image: US B52 Super Bomber, TNI

Professor Andrew O’Neil

Professor Andrew O’Neil was awarded an Australian Department of Defence Strategic Policy Grant for the project, ‘Nuclear Deterrence in US Alliances: Implications for Australia’ with Associate Professor Stephan Fruehling from The Australian National University.

Andrew O’Neil is Dean (Research), a Professor of Political Science in Griffith Business School and a member of the Centre for Governance and Public Policy. He was recently appointed to the Australian Research Council College of Experts for 2020, and Chair of the Business Academic Research Directors’ Network. He is a former member of the Australian Foreign Minister’s National Consultative Committee on National Security Issues and former advisory board member of the Lowy Institute’s G20 Studies Centre. He was Head of the School of Government and International Relations (2014-2016) and Director of the Griffith Asia Institute (2010-2014). Read more


Project Summary:

The project will examine the current approaches and thinking about the nuclear umbrella among America’s NATO and Northeast Asian allies. It will investigate how key players use conventional and nuclear capabilities to deter and manage escalation of a conflict with China, and seek to understand the difficult questions for both the United States and Australia, and their relationship as allies. It aims to outline how both countries are approaching their nuclear weapons defence thinking, and it will address the challenging question of how nuclear weapons might relate to their alliance cooperation.

The Strategic Policy Grants Program (SPGP) aims to deliver outcomes that support Defence policy objectives to improve and increase the strategic policy workforce’s capability to deliver high quality policy advice to Defence and Government.

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