Image: Getty Vernon Yuen.

Professor Renee Jeffery

Professor Renee Jeffery was awarded $913,150 over four years by the Australian Research Council, Future Fellowships Scheme, for the project ‘National Human Rights Institutions and Transitional Justice in Asia’. Renee Jeffery is a Professor of International Relations in the School of Government and International Relations and the Griffith Asia Institute. Her research focuses on issues related to conflict, justice, and human rights in the Asia-Pacific.






Project Summary

National human rights institutions (NHRIs) are an increasingly common feature of transitional justice processes, designed to address past human rights violations and prevent future abuses. This project aims to examine the effectiveness of NHRIs during political transitions in the Asia-Pacific. It intends to contribute to policy debates about NHRI performance and benefit practitioners engaged in their design and administration. As Australia has played a key leadership role in the establishment of NHRIs in the region, this project will benefit the development of the human rights aspects of Australia’s foreign policy by generating new knowledge, building institutional collaborations, and enhancing its research capacity on human rights.