Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma from Griffith Uni

Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma

Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma from the School of Government and International Relations was awarded $248,000 by ARC Discovery Projects, for the project “How can political actors shape voter turnout?”





Project Overview

This project aims to investigate what explains variations on individual’s turnout rates by analysing the strategies employed by candidates and parties to mobilise their supporters and demobilise their detractors. The project will compare the mobilisation and demobilisation strategies of the parties and candidates in Spain, Mexico and India. Expected outcomes include an improved understanding of the demobilised, the re-affirmed abstainers and the activated voters, which are under-studied. The findings will enhance understanding of motivations of those citizens, a topic of growing scholarly interest, and also inform Australian policy makers seeking to enhance the design of their governance interventions.