Image: Gladstone Harbour

Professor Brad Jackson

Professor Brad Jackson from the Policy Innovation Hub and the Department of Business, Strategy and Innovation in Griffith Business School was awarded funding by the Queensland Government for the project ‘Gladstone Community Renewal: A capitals-based analysis’. Professor Jackson led a team of researchers from the Policy Innovation Hub who visited the Queensland Gladstone Region in 2018 and engaged with leaders from industry, associations and local government to gain a deep understanding of the community needs and situation facing residents as they transitioned out of a resources boom into an economic downturn.




Project Summary

This project examined the socio-economic challenges facing the Gladstone community in 2018 after the mining boom (2006 to 2015) and after the liquefied natural gas (LNG) bust. The cycle of boom and bust in the Gladstone region was investigated to identify the types of capital that existed in the region, including social, economic, human, civic and natural capitals, and potential strategies for recovery such as, continuing strong industry alliances, including Engineering, Industry Leadership, the Port, and Tourism alliances, with the opportunity to facilitate bridging capabilities between these institutions.

The researchers conducted extensive desktop analysis, visited Gladstone on multiple occasions and analysed large quantities of economic data from multiple sources, some that was provided by Griffith’s Regional Innovation Data Lab (and Mr Tom Verhelst), with clustering methodology to underpin and build the economic picture and formulate an analytical snapshot report. The research outcome produced a comprehensive data report and capital-based renewal strategies that informed the Queensland Government for future policy initiatives in the region.

The Research Team: Professor Brad Jackson, Professor Anne Tiernan, Dr Lochlan Morrissey, Ms Lex Drennan, Dr Athualla Rasheed, Mr Jerath Head, Mr Stephen Cuttriss, Ms Gina Huang, Ms Julia Brown.