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Escalating Cooperation: Nuclear Deterrence and the US-Australia Alliance

This is an excerpt of an article that first appeared on the United States Studies Centre. KEY TAKEAWAYS ߛ  Australia’s concerns over US extended… Read More

The Rise of Sophisticated Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia

With a majority of countries in South-East Asia currently under autocratic leadership and little history of liberal democracy in the region, Dr Lee Morgenbesser has… Read More

Whistleblowing: New Rules, New Policies, New Vision

A major milestone was accomplished in December 2018 with the passing of new laws for whistleblower protections (part 9.4 AAA) in the Australian Corporations Act,… Read More

Whistleblowing Outcomes: Hierarchy and whistleblowing in the public and private sectors

Two of the leading global researchers on whistleblowing, Professor AJ Brown from Griffith’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy and Dr Marcia Miceli from Georgetown… Read More