Image: Australian Research Council

The 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) national ranking exercise resulted in Griffith Business School’s Tourism, and Political Science Field of Research (FoR) codes being awarded the highest rating of 5 – “well above world standard” and their Marketing, and Policy and Administration FoR codes being rated 4 – “above world standard”.

Applied Economics, Business and Management, and Commercial Services were rated 3 – “at world standard”, along with the overall Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services Field of Research code. These excellent results are a testament to the quality and impact of the research conducted in Griffith Business School.

Congratulations to all Griffith Business School research leaders, staff and streams who have worked hard to achieve these results. The Australian Research Council ERA evaluation collected data regarding the quality of research activity undertaken at all eligible higher education research institutions at the two and four digit Fields of Research (FoR) code levels.

The 2018 ERA outcomes have seen Griffith Business School’s relevant FoRs maintain, and in some cases surpass, their 2015 ratings. For example, 1506 Tourism: 5 (up from 4 in ERA 2015), 1606: Political Science: 5 (same as ERA 2015), 1505 Marketing: 4 (same as ERA 2015).

At the 4‐digit level, relevant FoRs ratings:
1402 Applied Economics: 3 (up from 2 in ERA 2015).
1502 Banking, Finance and Investment: 2 (same as ERA 2015).
1503 Business and Management: 3 (same as ERA 2015).
1504 Commercial Services: 3 (same as ERA 2015).
1505 Marketing: 4 (same as ERA 2015).
1506 Tourism: 5 (up from 4 in ERA 2015).
1605: Policy and Administration: 4 (up from 3 in ERA 2015).
1606: Political Science: 5 (same as ERA 2015).

At the 2‐digit level, the 2018 ratings remained the same as ERA 2015, 15 rated at 3, and 16 rated at 4.

The ERA five-point ratings scale is explained as follows: 5 is well above world standard, 4 is above world standard, 3 is at world standard, 2 is below world standard and 1 is well below world standard.

Read more on Griffith outcomes, or visit the ARC website.