In a world where technology is in constant (re)evolution, how can we prepare students as future-ready for the new global economy?

Future leaders and employees need to possess a set of skills that will help them succeed in the workplace. According to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, these are known as the 21st Century enterprise skills. But how can you embed these skills in class?

A multi-disciplinary team of Griffith University academics has come together to develop a suite of resources that can assist educators in imparting these skills to their students: from teacher’s professional development workshops to a workbook and interactive resources to practice the 21st-century skills in the classroom.

The inaugural professional development workshop for 21st-century skills was held last Friday 10th of September at the Logan Campus. The workshop was delivered by an interdisciplinary team led by Dr. Carla Riverola and Associate Professor Naomi Birdthistle from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation (BSI), Celeste Alcaraz from The Yunus Center, and Dr. Roberta Thompson from the School of Education and Professional Studies.

Throughout the workshop, teachers practiced firsthand critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration and teamwork, personal and social skills, and ICT skills. We also had the opportunity to discuss how to embed these skills into the classroom. The feedback from teachers was very positive. They found that the activities practiced throughout the day could be easily embedded into their classes and they greatly appreciated networking opportunities with other teachers as well.

For BSI, this positive response from teachers and school leaders got us very excited and eager to keep helping get new generations ready for the challenges of the future workplace.