The mid-year virtual workshop for Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) was held on July 16th with the theme of “Calculative silences and the agency of business ethics scholars”. The workshop attracted over 35 participants from academia and industry. During the workshop, participants discussed a range of topics including why good people act unethically, political silencing, moral agency, the corporate agency of CSR, developing community co-creation and SDG curriculum integration, among others. ABEN chair, Dr Heather Stewart of the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation of Griffith University facilitated the workshop with support from Dr Alessandro Bressan (University of Notre Dame) who hosted the workshop along with Associate Professor Eva Tsahuridu and Dr Julia Benkert (Swinburne University). Contributions and conversations during the workshop encouraged creative, provocative, and innovative discussions that reflected an array of perspectives. These discussions revealed the challenges and ethical nuances of recent times. The concluding session was led by Associate Professor Tracey Wilcox (University of New South Wales), who adeptly bought in her depth of knowledge on the moral agency to weave the conversations and lead us all to think more deeply about the roles we play in higher education.

In this workshop, the Australasian focus of ABEN was well represented with participants from across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India and Singapore. Similarly, the multi-disciplinary focus was exemplified with presentations and discussions covering marketing, education, accounting, community, natural environments and management. Overall, the workshop was a success in achieving the aim to inspire each other and share ideas in a safe environment that supported collegiality whilst challenging our assumptions and knowledge.

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Heather Stewart