At the Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) we have initiated a series of Virtual Conversations which saw the inaugural Qualitative Research Special Interest Group (SIG) introducing the first event on March 17th, 2021. Associate Professor Bernard McKenna facilitated the conversation on The Messiness of Qualitative Research: Get Used to It(recording link).  The presentation was hosted by the co-chairs of the Qualitative SIG, Associate Professor Harsh Suri and Dr Heather Stewart (ABEN Chair). Bernard encouraged the 36 participants to stop “apologising” for being qualitative researchers; vigorously challenged post-qualitative research which he described as an “auto-immune disease” that must be resisted and emphasised the criticality of interpretive research. Participants were asked to share their views on several new works that Bernard has in publication with the underpinning of “rigorously defending your position, but always remaining open to alternative viewpoints and critique”.

The focus of ABEN is on the Australasian context, however this session attracted those from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Russia, and Singapore.

The next ABEN Virtual Conversation is to be hosted by the Accounting SIG group on the 16th April, 2021 (1pm AEST): How the ASX has poisoned business ethics – Dr Shann Turnbull

Registration and contact: [email protected]

ABEN is a collegial group that works to support academics of all levels and connecting with industry by providing an arena to share ideas in a supportive environment.

For more information about ABEN please contact Dr Heather Stewart: [email protected]