Building quality infrastructure in the Pacific means going beyond a narrow focus on hard assets, to thinking about the ways that new infrastructure, and accompanying services, will contribute to lasting development outcomes. This requires sustained engagement with island governments, and with Pacific civil society and the local private sector, in the design, construction and management of infrastructure. Ultimately, there is no shortcut for quality.

Our new report, Building Together: seven principles for engaging civil society to deliver resilient, inclusive and sustainable infrastructure in the Pacific islands, argues competition to finance infrastructure projects in the Pacific islands should lead to lasting development outcomes, driven by local priorities. It also suggests civil society should be considered a key partner in the design and delivery of Pacific infrastructure.

Please click here to read the full “Building together: Civil society a key partner in delivering Pacific infrastructure” article published at DevPolicy, written by Dr Wesley Morgan, Rebecca McNaught (Department of Business Strategy and Innovation PhD Candidate), Sally Baker, Jope Tarai and Fulori Manoa