In January of this year, Entrepreneurship was moved to the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation from its previous home in Marketing.  This was part of a university push to raise the profile of innovation and entrepreneurship across all disciplines to meet the changing demands of the workforce and addressing social and sustainable challenges.

There are enormous changes happening in both business and society as a result of an increasing range of new technologies – commonly known as the advent of the Fourth Industrial Age.  Such changes have led to a need for graduates to be more creative, innovative and agile to meet the rapidly developing job market. Thus, by combining their digital skills and their adaptive mindset, our graduates are able to generate social impact within the Australian and International context.

As part of preparing our graduates for the new landscape, we are offering a range of opportunities for students to hone their entrepreneurial skills and develop their innovative and creativity abilities.  This issue of our newsletter has several examples of learning and teaching initiatives as well as research and engagement events that show the range of activities that BSI staff are engaged in. 

“There is no future believing something can’t be done. The future is in making something happen.”

Donald F Kuratko (Dr K)

In addition to the Griffith Innovation Challenge, the entrepreneurship team in BSI will be launching revised majors in the Bachelor of Business and Master of Business incorporating innovative, active teaching approaches to prepare students for the real world. The team are also engaged in a wide variety of projects across the university including working with COHORT on the Gold Coast and the Yunus Centre at Logan.

The team of Evan Douglas, Naomi Birdthistle, Julienne Senyard and Carla Riverola will be joined by a fifth member of staff in the new year.