Dr Rob Hales (Department of Business Strategy and Innovation) and Tiah Goldstein (Interwoven) are working together with the Arc Hardware Space Incubator to interweave, integrate and expand notions of sustainability within their start-ups.

Rob Hales and Tiah Goldstein bring sustainability principles into hardware start-up training.

Interwoven help teams design a robust and scalable business model, capable of generating strong financial returns, while tackling the problems outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) – including income disparity, homelessness, mental health and climate change.

Their aim is to provide the start-ups with a solid foundation of knowledge and practical tools that they then can implement into their businesses. By doing so, they are not only armed with some future proofing techniques but also with the ability to take advantage of the economic opportunities hidden in the Sustainable Development Goals and shifting economy.

By infusing incubator and accelerator programs in Australia with this approach, Rob and Tiah will help new businesses adopt the best practices of creating more impactful tech start-ups.

The pilot program, which commenced on 11 June will incorporate six sessions into Arc’s existing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Accelerator program, starting with their existing cohort.