Dr Rod Gapp and Dr Pat Glynn

The world is rapidly embracing new and more efficient sources of energy which provide competitive advantages through cost saving while addressing many of the concerns associated with climate change and the social challenge of affordable energy access. Australia has been a leader in alternative energy research and development, even with this strategic advantage we lag the world in its application and uptake.

While many parts of the developed world source a majority of their energy from sustainable sources and are striving for 100% renewable energy within the next 15 years, some developing nations are investing more on alternative energy than Australia.

Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr Pat Glynn

Dr Rod Gapp hosted a Department of Business Strategy and Innovation seminar on 15 May 2019 with keynote speaker, Adjunct Associate Professor Pat Glynn giving an overview of the current state of play in terms of renewable energy generation and storage including rooftop solar PV and battery storage. He also provided a position on why electric vehicles (EV) will dominate world markets within the next ten years, and presented case studies on both rooftop solar and EV and new an overview of emerging disruptive technologies in the renewable energy space.

These complex issues along with Australia’s need to embrace these disruptive technologies as the norm rather than the exception were explained in easy to understand language.

Dr Glynn has spent a lifetime turning complex theories in the area of sustainable energy storage into practical real world solutions. Within this context Pat has worked with a multitude of organisations ranging from companies such as Phillips to the CSIRO and is an inventor of alternative energy systems in his own right.

For those who missed the seminar, a video of Dr Glynn’s presentation is available below.