A Griffith Business School Honours degree provides high-achieving students with a distinct competitive edge in their career, or a pathway to completing a PhD.

Cassandra Pointon had not considered studying further upon completion of her Bachelor of Business. In her final year, she received an invitation to an Honours information session which proved to be a game changer.

In March 2018 she attended the information session with Associate Professor Stephanie Schleimer and Dr Rod Gapp.

“Their enthusiasm for the program and the range of possible avenues left her thinking maybe another year of study wouldn’t hurt.” Ms Pointon said.

While contemplating her decision, she reached out to Dr Katrina Radford to talk about her potential topic.

“It was Katrina’s excitement for my topic that was the final turning point.”

“With the blessing of my husband and family I decided to go for it and approached Dr Katrina Radford and Dr Rod Gapp to ask them to be my supervisors.

“My honours journey so far has been a series of peaks and troughs, and topic redefining, but each time I meet with my supervisors I walk out re-energised and knowing that this was the right decision.”

Cassandra has flourished in the Honours program and has been recognised with a Griffith Award for Academic Excellence which places her in the top 5 per cent of students across the university. This award is bestowed each year on undergraduate and postgraduate students who have achieved a GPA of 6.0 or greater in the course of their studies.

Humbled by the award, Cassandra said, “Behind every good student there is an amazing support squad. I am extremely lucky to have the such dedicated people on my team and with their support we are already looking into the possibility of PhD upon completion of Honours.”