US President Donald Trump is expected to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday after the G20 forum, to discuss ways to end US-China trade hostilities over dinner.

Expecting Xi to compromise publicly will be unrealistic. However, it is also in China’s interest to end the “trade war” before it spills over to a new “cold war”.

So there are hopes the leadership in both the US and China will think creatively and artfully on how to reach a deal and save face at the same time.

What if this doesn’t work?

Trump’s trade war has been widely seen as a “crisis” for Chinese foreign policy. The Chinese translation of “crisis” is Wei Ji, literately meaning “danger and opportunity”. Most people are right about the “danger” of the trade war for China. One unintended consequence, however, is that Trump’s trade war might help China’s rise, strategically and even economically, if China can seize the “opportunity”.

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