Yan Islam

Adani’s downfall – how a leading member of India’s Billionaire Raj fell victim to a stock market rout

YAN ISLAM | In 2018, James Crabtree, wrote a tome on India entitled ‘The Billionaire Raj’. His concern was that India, characterized… Read More

Bangladesh seeks support from the IMF: Why and what lies ahead?

YAN ISLAM | Local and international media reports have highlighted the news that Bangladesh has sought financial assistance from the IMF. A… Read More

Economic consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war: A grim outlook

YAN ISLAM | The latest evaluations by IMF, World Bank and UN agencies reveal that the war in Ukraine that commenced with Russia’s… Read More

Ukraine before the Russian invasion: Democratic governance and economic performance

YAN ISLAM | Stanford historian Norman Naimark proclaims that Ukraine was a ‘thriving young democracy’ prior to the Russian invasion. He qualifies… Read More

Confronting India’s ‘inequality problem’

YAN ISLAM | In a recent piece, Maitreesh Ghatak, Professor of economics at London School of Economics, reflects on India’s ‘inequality problem’. Read More

Who’s afraid of inflation?

YAN ISLAM | There is a great deal of concern being expressed on inflation across many parts of the world today. In the… Read More

The rise and decline of the World Bank’s Doing Business Report: Why India and Indonesia should be concerned

YAN ISLAM | There was a time when the creators of the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index (EoDB) encapsulated in its… Read More

Afghanistan: then and now

YAN ISLAM | Afghanistan is in the news these days as the Taliban, ousted from power following the US-led invasion in 2001, has… Read More

The UN resolution on global happiness: An Asian perspective

YAN ISLAM | Bhutan, a small, land-locked Asian country, became one of the first, if not the first, in the world to dethrone… Read More

Bangladesh at 50: South Asia’s ‘standout star’?

YAN ISLAM | Early this year, Bangladesh celebrated its 50th year as an independent nation. ‘The country was born’, writes Bloomberg columnist Mihir… Read More


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