Visiting Fellow Peter Layton

Fifth generation air warfare

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Australia’s defence strategy: Evaluating alternatives for a contested Asia

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The battle for Southeast Asia’s soul

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Trapped in a long war

Australia has been part of America’s long war against terrorism since the war began in 2001. In the first stage (2001–02), al-Qaeda in Afghanistan was… Read More

Advancing China’s South China Sea dominance

In a recent PLA Navy (PLAN) journal article, South Sea Fleet officers declared that China has achieved military supremacy in the South China Sea. This… Read More

Singapore’s air force reinvents itself

Since 2005, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has been steadily reinventing itself as a ‘third generation’ force in accordance with an overarching Singaporean… Read More

America’s new alliance management

The Trump administration has embraced a new, reductionist approach to managing its alliances. James Mattis, on his first visit to Europe as secretary of defence,… Read More

Australian airpower’s tough South China Sea challenge

The RAAF is in the midst of a large-scale replacement program but the strategic goalposts have just changed mid-game. Two major events have driven this… Read More

A strategic focus for Canada-Australia security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific

Canada and Australia are remarkably alike in many areas.  It was no surprise that Prime Minister Stephen Harper in addressing the Australian Parliament in… Read More

The 2 percent NATO benchmark is a red herring

The usefulness of America’s allies was severely questioned during Donald Trump’s election campaign. Allies were presented as costing America a considerable amount and giving little… Read More