Visiting Fellow Peter Layton

Part 3 | Indian Ocean Air Power: Consequences for Australia

Peter Layton turns his attention to the importance of Australian air power in the region. Though the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is a small force, there is more to Australia’s potential contribution to the region than the aircraft it operates. Read More

Part 2 | Indian Ocean Air Power: Extra Regional Air Forces

Peter Layton turns his attention to the extra-regional players: The United States, United Kingdom, and France in this second part of the three-part series,… Read More

Australia’s new regional context: Pacific island futures and air power possibilities

In the Australian strategic consciousness the Pacific islands looms very large. There is more than two hundred years of history that includes seminal moments like… Read More

Part 1 | Indian Ocean air power: An ocean of air forces

The Indian Ocean has become an area of geostrategic competition. As Australia is an Indian Ocean country, it is incumbent our national security community to… Read More

Keeping the Australian Defence Force in the climate-change fight

A month on from my earlier post on bringing the Australian Defence Force into the global warming fight, a lot has changed. Responding… Read More

Bringing the defence force into Australia’s climate-change fight

It’s time to structure the Australian Defence Force for this long, hot century. That doesn’t mean making it better suited to engaging in offshore climate-change-related… Read More

Australia’s F-35s: Lessons from a problematic purchase

It suddenly seems the Air Force needs major recapitalisation, just as its force structure is being renewed at considerable cost. In a… Read More

Undeclared air strikes: Between war and peace

Airpower has long been a favoured instrument in Middle Eastern wars, and none more so than by Israel. The country has been particularly innovative in… Read More

Time to rethink Australia’s strategic milling over China

Australia’s strategic, economic and political apprehension about the rising power of China in the Indo-Pacific has dominated recent national debate – with the growing competition between… Read More

Social mobilisation in a contested environment

As geostrategic circumstances darken, there’s new interest in military mobilisation. For Australia, that involves moving the Australian Defence Force beyond its normal peacetime rate of… Read More

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