GAI welcomes second visiting fellow from China

Visiting fellow Xiaotong Huang joined the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI) in September 2015. Her major research area is International Relations, with a focus on the… Read More

GAI welcomes its latest visiting fellow

The Griffith Asia Institute welcomes its latest visiting fellow, Professor Zhou Li from the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development at Renmin University of… Read More

Power and risk in foreign policy: Understanding China’s crisis behavior

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Sustainable resource development in Asia: Challenges and opportunities for future growth for Indian businesses

This article is a summary of the address by Dr Tapan Sarker during the talk on “Sustainable Resource Development in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Future… Read More

Taiwan’s recent election

On 16 January, the Republic of China (ROC), i.e. Taiwan, held its sixth election for the president and the legislature. The outcome had been predicted… Read More

South China Sea: Beijing could get the wrong idea from our stance

China’s territorial expansion in the South China Sea will probably continue unabated this year. For the past several years, balancing and a rules-based order have… Read More

Exchange studies to China (Beijing) + prestigious internship

Griffith Global Mobility is offering 7 x $8000 New Colombo Plan Student Mobility Grants to eligible students to complete a semester of study in China… Read More

IMF embraces the redback, but China reforms must go on

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has decided to include the renminbi (RMB) in its basket of reserve currencies. The RMB,… Read More

The South China Sea gentlemen’s competition: The USS Lassen transit round

In a recent post Kai He insightfully examined the recent transit by the USS Lassen close to China’s new man-made islands in the South… Read More

China Brief: Communicating with China

The November 2015 China Brief, “Communicating with China: The interplay of language and culture,” was held at Griffith University’s South Bank Graduate Centre Building on Tuesday, 17… Read More