Associate Professor of International Relations at Griffith University, Kai He, joined Griffith’s Asia Institute in August 2015.

His major research area is International relations, with expertise in Asian security, multilateral institutions, global governance and great power politics in the international system.

“I am working on Asian security because Asia is the centre of the globe right now, so it is important to know how Asian security can influence politics and global powers. I am happy to join GAI.”

Dr. He is currently working on a project funded by the MacArthur Foundation in Griffith’s Asia Institute, evaluating the perceptions of Chinese international relations (IR) scholars on world politics in order to help understand Chinese politics as well as Chinese foreign policies.

“Everyone wants to know what Chinese leaders are thinking about, but we have limited access to that information. In this project, my colleague and I examine how Chinese IR scholars view international politics and use that information to make sense of Chinese leaders’ perspectives ,” Dr. He said.

He has also written numerous scholarly publications, including books, journal articles, book reviews and commentary papers. His new book, titled “China’s crisis behaviour – Political Survival and Foreign Policy After the Cold War” will be published by Cambridge in February 2016.

Dr. He’s new book explains the Chinese crisis behaviour after the Cold War. He developed a prospect-theory-based model to explain and predict when China will escalate and de-escalate a crisis.