In 2014, Dr Frances Lin was awarded a Griffith University – Peking University Collaborative Research Scheme Grant. Her research expertise is in patient safety in acute care settings, with a focus on translating research evidence into clinical practice, and designing interventions that improve clinical practice and patient outcomes. She has been tirelessly engaging with the Chinese nursing community to promote better and safer patient care in China’s intensive care and acute care settings, and promoting evidence-based practice and knowledge translation research.

As part of Griffith’s Asian Century Futures Initiative, Griffith University and Peking University’s Collaborative Research Scheme aims to assist with reciprocal research exchanges and joint funding proposals for the purpose of developing collaborative research. The grants support proposals that create opportunities for development of high quality journal publications, and lead to the development of joint funding proposals for either Australian (ARC, NHMRC) or other international funding sources.

Dr Frances Lin in her office at Griffith University with Peking University visiting PhD student Yaya Wang.

Dr Frances Lin in her office at Griffith University with Peking University visiting PhD student Yaya Wang.

This grant offered Frances the opportunity to re-connect and establish new links with researchers from a number of Chinese universities, including the prestigious Peking University (PKU) and key Chinese nursing professional organisations. The School of Nursing at Peking University (ranked as the top nursing school in China in 2016 QS rankings) provided an excellent work environment for Frances during the 2 two- week visit, where she was able to collaborate with Professor Shang Shaomei. The grant also provided Frances with the opportunity to showcase Griffith University’s nursing research expertise to the PKU faculty, which led to additional collaborations between the two institutions. Over the past 2 years, she recruited 14 hospitals from various parts of China to participate in a multinational research project, “One Million Global catheters: Peripheral Intravenous Cannula Worldwide Prevalence Study” lead by Griffith University researchers (including Dr Lin). The visit to China gave Frances the opportunity to work with the site coordinators face to face and progress the data collection for this important global research project.

The visit laid the foundation for a collaborative project with researchers from Peking University and one of its largest teaching hospitals (one of the best tertiary teaching hospitals in China). The project, titled Peripheral intravenous catheter routine replacement versus replacement as clinically indicated: a randomised controlled trial, was funded by Peking University Health Centre Major Nursing Projects Grant 2016. This research aims to add to the body of research evidence from Griffith researchers which found that it was safe to replace Peripheral Intravenous catheters (PIVC) as clinically indicated instead of the current practice of replacing them once every 3-4 days. The results of this study will help to change clinical practice in China which would see benefits of less frequent catheter replacements, reduced discomfort and suffering for patients, reduced nurses’ workload, and reduced healthcare costs in China.

Dr Frances Lin presenting "Australian Quality and Safety Framework."

Dr Frances Lin presenting “Australian Quality and Safety Framework.”

Frances has also been successful gaining other internal (Griffith University), local, and national competitive grants for clinical practice improvement projects. Frances has received invitations to be on The Journal of Chinese Nursing Management editorial board (one of the best and most influential Nursing journals in China) and honorary professor of the Intensive Care Nursing Expert committee of Beijing Nursing Association, and serve as a curriculum consultant for key Chinese education providers and professional organisations. She has been invited to be the keynote speaker at numerous international and national conferences held by Chinese professional organisations. As a graduate from Peking University, Dr Lin received the “Excellent Alumni Award” in 2014 from the Peking University Health Centre for her contribution to the university’s nursing teaching and research.

For more information about the Griffith University and Peking University Collaborative Research Scheme, please visit the Griffith Asia Institute website.