In 1964, I was privileged to attend the National Day parade to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China’s founding. This year, I watched the whole event from the China Global Television Network center in Beijing, where I was part of a team interviewed for comment.

The comparison between the two events showed me just how far China has advanced in the 55 intervening years and demonstrates even more the wonderful achievements of the PRC in economy, military power, society, culture and the confidence and spirit of the people.

There was much justified focus on military hardware, with its advanced technology, long-range missiles, drones and computer systems. The Western media portrayed it as something very frightening, but I think China needs to defend itself now more than ever.

Please click here to read the full “Culture of China puts emphasis on international harmony” article published at China Daily, written by Griffith Asia Institute Emeritus Professor Colin Mackerras AO FAHA.