The rapid dismemberment of Hong Kong’s lively and internationally facing culture points to a bigger story. That is, that the same suspicious attitude to the outside world and the same introversion also has been growing, in a less time-compressed way, in mainland China.

During the 35-year reform era launched by Deng Xiaoping, people who built firm contacts with foreigners – ranging from academics infusing their research and teaching with invigorating inputs from global peers, to city leaders attracting international investors who boosted local growth and prosperity – often were rewarded and lauded. During the New Era of Xi Jinping that is steadily being reversed.

It would be foolish to suggest China is cutting itself off from the world. But working with foreigners, or introducing international perspectives, is no longer a route to elevation – which means those of us with Chinese friends and professional and business contacts need to work that much harder to stay in touch and stay supportive.

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