The Foreign Affairs White Paper probably won’t be a real strategy

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has laid out some tough parameters for her newly commissioned White Paper. It will set out a ‘philosophical framework… Read More

How to overhaul the dismal trade of strategy

There’s no shortage of dark, pessimistic visions out there, including a revisionist Russia, an assertive China, the end of globalisation, a declining America and an… Read More

Security shouldn’t trump economics on the Ausgrid sale

Security trumps economics, or so the Ausgrid saga seems to have taught us. But maybe this framing is all wrong. Security and economics might be… Read More

Elections without democracy in Southeast Asia

Why Southeast Asia is a region with many elections but little democratisation. Democracy in Southeast Asia is on the defensive. A recent map of “… Read More

ANZUS pact needs a gold-standard upgrade under Clinton or Trump

Now that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have secured US presidential nominations, the Turnbull government has a narrow window of opportunity to strengthen our American… Read More

ANZUS in Trumpland—should we have seen it coming?

Andrew Davies’ recent post on the possibility of Donald Trump as US President presents an interesting alternative future that could cause a fundamental rewrite… Read More

After the mining boom, China continues to give Australian living standards a boost

During the mining boom there was never any doubt that China was raising Australian living standards. That consensus started to change in 2011 when the… Read More

A mixed fighter fleet for Canada? Super Hornets, F-​35s, and the challenge of comparisons

Every country has an F-35 story it seems. Both Australian and Canadian force structure planning has been blighted by the aircraft’s problems and long delays. Read More

The G20 Australian Presidency and Summit Planning?

National leaders regularly attend summits. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation annual APEC Economic Leaders’ meeting will bring heads-of-government to Lima Peru in November 2016. The… Read More

Election 2016 and Australian foreign policy

Australians will go to a federal election on 2 July 2016. At first glance the 19 seats in the House of Representatives that the… Read More

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