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Establishing people to people links | 2018 Asia Future Fellows

This July, 12 Griffith University students and 10 Peking University students of a plethora of disciplinary backgrounds participated in the Brisbane half of the Asia… Read More

Establish amazing connections

The Asia Future Fellows program is an annual program designed to offer students from Griffith University and Peking University an opportunity to enrich their studies… Read More

Helping India’s slum communities through a unique internship opportunity

A group of 11 Griffith University students from disciplines ranging from health to business, ecology to maths and physics went to Maharashtra, India recently to… Read More

University launches internship to help India’s slum communities

Griffith University is continuing with its mission to create globally responsible leaders with its latest internship program, funded by the government’s New Colombo Plan. Dubbed… Read More

2016 Asia Future Fellows travel to Beijing

Griffith University students exchanged sweltering heat for snow as they traveled to Beijing, China in the second installment of the 2016 Asia Future Fellows (AFF)… Read More

A world of possibilities

My interest in China developed after participating in Griffith University’s Asia Future Fellows program for undergraduates in 2014. In 2016, I spent six months studying and… Read More

Cross cultural insights – 2016 Asia Future Fellows

Griffith’s Asian Century Futures Initiative gave 12 Griffith University students and 10 Peking University students the opportunity to enrich their academic studies, professional skills and… Read More

Shaping Futures – Asia Future Fellows program for undergraduates

As a 24 year old student applying for what at the time I simply perceived to be a free trip to China, I had no… Read More

Asia Future Fellows program for undergraduates

Do you want to increase your understanding of Chinese culture? Program Aims: As part of Griffith’s Asian Century Futures Initiative, Griffith University and Peking University… Read More

Exchange studies to China (Beijing) + prestigious internship

Griffith Global Mobility is offering 7 x $8000 New Colombo Plan Student Mobility Grants to eligible students to complete a semester of study in China… Read More


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