Student Mobility

Exploring Asia | Starting your career in the Asia Pacific

For many students and graduates, starting a career in the Asia Pacific can feel like a mammoth task – a goal only achievable after many years working in Australia. Read More

Exploring Asia| Aid, volunteering and development in the Asia-Pacific region

Join Griffith student Anna Stirling, Ruth Larwill, CEO of Bloom Asia and Monique White who will share their experience to ensure you get the best out of your volunteering experience while making a difference to the community. Read More

Exploring Asia | Experiences

Want to experience Asia during your undergraduate degree, but don’t know what to expect? Griffith University students and alumni share their studying, working and cultural experiences, providing valuable tips, insights and some laughs for students aiming to travel to Asia. Read More

Exploring Asia | Scholarships and Grants

Want to travel to Asia during your undergraduate degree, but don’t know where to start? Griffith University, New Colombo Plan Scholars share information on how to secure scholarships and grants to study, intern and learn a language in the Asia - Pacific. Read More

The seven-week international internship that kick-started my career

After four years of study I wanted to finish the final trimester of my degree with something exciting and unique to set me apart from… Read More

Broadening horizons

Japan is a country of the new and old. Its growing popularity is the outcome of its unique culture, which leaves many people in wonder. Read More

Asia Future Fellows nurture Australia–China relationship

Last week, 12 Griffith University students and 8 Peking University students spent time in Brisbane participating in a range of activities for Asia Future Fellows… Read More

Asia Future Fellows – Brisbane program 2019

The annual Asia Future Fellows Program is a Griffith and Peking University global exchange initiative designed exclusively for undergraduate students where a select group of… Read More

Learning to be a paper crane

Japan is a proud country, full of politeness and respect. Each person seems to have a place and the work environment is full of team… Read More

A gateway to opportunity: Beyond the program

The Asia Future Fellows program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that provides Griffith University  and Peking University students the opportunity to experience each culture, expand their… Read More

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