China and Northeast Asia

It’s dangerous to indulge Kim Jong-un

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Limiting China’s future strategic predominance

Mr Peter Varghese AO, recently retired Department of Foreign Affairs head, has laid out his vision of a possible new regional order.  The order… Read More

Doklam, the diplomacy of anger, and the Sino-Indian standoff

The ten-week standoff between Chinese and Indian troops in Doklam, in territory disputed by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Bhutan, was finally concluded on… Read More

A Contested Asia: What comes after US strategic predominance?

2017 Griffith Asia Lecture by Mr Peter Varghese AO, Chancellor, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, 6 September 2017 I would like to begin by commending… Read More

North Korea’s nuclear ambitions are not unstoppable

North Korea has the initiative. It is flying rockets over Japan, it claims to have mounted a hydrogen bomb on to an inter-continental ballistic… Read More

The Belt and Road to China-based globalisation

At a time when globalisation from the West appears to be in retreat, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a potent symbol of the… Read More

The unacceptable dangers of accepting a nuclear North Korea

The crisis on the Korean Peninsula has for the first time introduced an element of confusion over the strategic goal pursued by the US and… Read More

North Korea’s dangerously rudimentary nuclear command-and-control systems

Conventional wisdom tells us that because North Korea’s elites are rational actors, they will conclude that the benefits of employing nuclear weapons will be outweighed… Read More

Australia and Korea’s wars

Griffith Asia Institute Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr Andrew Selth recently had the below article republished in the Lowy Interpreter. In light of recent discussion about Australia’s… Read More

New developments in China’s financial regulation

By Hui Feng Beijing’s two-day closed door meeting on finance and regulation was concluded on 15 July 2017.  Dubbed the National Finance Work Conference, government… Read More