China and Northeast Asia

Regional wrap

The past fortnight drove home the rather surreal realisation that we’re living in unprecedented times. Never before, at least in the living memory of today’s… Read More

The seven-week international internship that kick-started my career

After four years of study I wanted to finish the final trimester of my degree with something exciting and unique to set me apart from… Read More

Regional wrap

The coronavirus crisis, or what might be more aptly described as the coronavirus pandemic, has become the most definitive phenomenon this year whose second… Read More

Women’s workforce participation: A global agenda facing global challenge

Women’s participation in the workforce is a priority issue in the global agenda for women’s equality. With the rise of COVID-19, commitments to advance women’s… Read More

Broadening horizons

Japan is a country of the new and old. Its growing popularity is the outcome of its unique culture, which leaves many people in wonder. Read More

The US-China trade war: Implications of the phase one deal

The trade ‘war’ between the US and China has been continuing since July 2018. Trade tensions between the two super-economies has had a substantial impact… Read More

Side effects: Covid-19 allows India a chance to lend Myanmar a hand

The Indian Air Force last week evacuated 112 people stranded in Wuhan, one of several operations by India to the the Chinese… Read More

Pandemics and preparation the North Korean way

North Korea was notably among the first countries to announce a closure of its border due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in neighboring China. Read More

Regional wrap

Change is the only constant in life they say—this holds even more true for politics. The past fortnight witnessed yet another demonstration of how dynamic… Read More

How vulnerable is Xi Jinping over coronavirus? In today’s China, there are few to hold him to account

Brand “People’s Republic of China” is wobbling, as if the massive picture of Mao Zedong in Tiananmen Square was swaying with an earthquake tremor. But… Read More

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