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A mixed fighter fleet for Canada? Super Hornets, F-​35s, and the challenge of comparisons

PETER LAYTON | Every country has an F-35 story it seems. Both Australian and Canadian force structure planning has been blighted by the aircraft’s problems… Read More

Storytelling, soft power and the craft of public diplomacy

CAITLIN BYRNE  | Last month, Griffith Asia Institute invited one of Australia’s emerging artists: musician, singer and songwriter Marcus Corowa, to launch the Roundtable… Read More

Watch this space: the Pacific’s great ocean states

It is now widely accepted that the 21st century will be a ‘Pacific Century’ for global geopolitics, with the Pacific Ocean providing the stage1. Read More

Insights on soft power: Dialogue on emerging trends in the Indo-Pacific

The Griffith Asia Institute, in partnership with DFAT and the Korea Foundation, convened an international dialogue on soft power and public diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific… Read More

Soft Power in the Indo-Pacific: Emerging models and themes

CAITLIN BYRNE  | What are the challenges and opportunities facing soft power in the 21st Century? How do these translate in the diverse and… Read More

Public diplomacy in the Pacific

When the United States or any other Western country embraces a “pivot to Asia” as a central element of its foreign policy, it must be… Read More

Soft power takes a central role in modern Indo-Pacific

Whether it is political systems, cultural values, primary languages or predominate religions, the Indo-Pacific region is a global neighbourhood where common ground can be tantalisingly… Read More

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – Just another fighter bomber

PETER LAYTON | The Lockheed Martin F-35 is finally on track after numerous technical issues, long delays and large cost increases. Daniel Conroy, LM’s F-35 Director asserts:… Read More

Andrew Selth: The lady and authoritarianism in Myanmar

ANDREW SELTH  | Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in public perceptions of Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu… Read More

Burma (Myanmar) since the 1988 uprising: A select bibliography, 2nd Edition

By Andrew Selth, Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University PUBLISHED BY: Griffith University ISBN: 9781922216717 PUBLICATION DATE: 2015 Read the digital version of the… Read More

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