Pillar 1: Governance and democracy

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development Finance Review: Implications for the Pacific

SAKIUSA NABOU |    Download Development Finance Review PDF The Australian Government is committed to deepening its engagement with the Indo-Pacific. A peaceful,… Read More

Data constraints impeding MSME development – A case for Fiji

SAKIUSA NABOU |    Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are believed to contribute to at least 18 percent of Fiji’s GDP. Now, what… Read More

Some thoughts on the proposed Vanuatu party laws

JON FRAENKEL |     In Vanuatu’s 29th May 2024 referendum, eligible citizens will be asked to approve two constitutional amendments. The first is aimed… Read More

Leaving nothing to chance: Sustaining Pacific development beyond 2024

ANNA NAUPA AND TESS NEWTON CAIN Download PDF Introduction The value proposition of Pacific regionalism in an increasingly dynamic geopolitical… Read More

Financial system development in the Solomon Islands

ANGELINE ROHOIA, KATIE LONGE’AU AND RAYNOLD MICAH MOVENI  |   The undeniable importance of finance in fostering growth and development is now firmly established. Countless studies have explored the finance-growth nexus and development of financial sectors, per se, across developed and developing countries. Despite this wealth of research, the Pacific region remains largely under-studied. Read More

Reserve Bank of Australia review: Corporate governance lessons for the Pacific 

MARK OFOI  |    Reviews on state institutions are conducted, among others, to enhance systems of good governance with the intent to augment outcomes, installing… Read More

Reserve Bank of Australia Review: Research to policy (R2P)

PARMENDRA SHARMA  |  The eagerly awaited Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Review report was delivered in May 2023. The anticipation stemmed from two… Read More

Regional Outlook | Enhancing the future of Australia-Papua New Guinea-US relations

SEAN JACOBS  | 30-MINUTE READ | Download PDF Introduction In 2018, at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Papua New… Read More

Papua New Guinea (PNG) riots: a ‘new’ nature of violence and a cause for concern

SEAN JACOBS  |  ‘Pent up rage’ is a term that springs to mind after recent violent looting in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Port… Read More

Understanding the dynamics of housing prices in Papua New Guinea

MESON TUMSOK, GORDON KAPAK AND TONG TONG  |  In recent years, the housing market in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has experienced significant… Read More

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