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Trump, Modi and their Religious Right

Much divides Donald J Trump and Narendra Modi, but there are similarities between the two leaders and their politics beyond their shared fondness for Twitter. Read More

Prototype warfare in the fourth industrial age

A new industrial process is rapidly emerging.  This fourth industrial revolution (4IR) based on hyper-connectivity brings with it both continual – indeed relentless… Read More

Greening the budget?

Last night’s 2019 federal budget was about tax relief and a hope for a surplus of $7.3 billion by 2020. While… Read More

Covering China a unique dilemma

A new report by public policy organisation China Matters rejects claims that Australia’s media are “anti-China”, explains that reporters’ access in China is uniquely constrained,… Read More

Singapore’s careful F-35 fighter aircraft purchase

Singapore has finally decided to acquire four F-35 aircraft with options for eight more, initially for evaluation purposes. The purchase appears… Read More

Regional wrap

There are certain world events that mark a before and after for how we regard some phenomena. Far-right extremism and mass shootings weren’t on the… Read More

Myanmar’s intelligence apparatus since the fall of General Khin Nyunt in 2004

In 2003, Myanmar was described as one of the most tightly controlled dictatorships in the world. The main instrument used by the military regime to… Read More

Taking transitional justice to Cambodia’s youth

Like young people the world over, the youth of Cambodia are glued to their mobile phones. They sit in cafes and bars, order food from… Read More

The source of Xi Jinping’s extraordinary power

Speech by Rowan Callick at the China Studies Centre, Melbourne University, March 14 2019 Xi Jinping has become the most powerful person in the world. Read More

“They are us”: Ardern’s leadership in the face of crisis

“They are us.” The words that New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern chose to express her condolences to the victims of last Friday’s Christchurch… Read More