Pacific Outlook Bulletin | 15 March

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    Vanuatu comes to grips with cyclone aftermath  Further to the impacts of not one but two cyclones within the… Read More

A tonne of fossil carbon isn’t the same as a tonne of new trees: Why offsets can’t save us

WESLEY MORGAN | This week, the Albanese government is attempting to reform the safeguard mechanism to try to make it actually cut emissions from… Read More

Perspectives:Asia | Surviving the new cold war as a middle power

PERSPECTIVES:ASIA | PETER K LEE | In the evolving landscape of the Indo-Pacific, middle powers such as Australia are confronted with increasingly complex choices between the… Read More

Getting India right

IAN HALL | Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s visit to India this week comes at a pivotal moment for Australia’s ties with that country. Over… Read More

Southeast Asia snapshot #45

SOVINDA PO | Malaysia urged Thailand to step up action in Myanmar With the security challenges in Myanmar still threatening stability in the… Read More

‘No indication of aliens’: spy balloon saga continues to surprise amid rising US–China tension

PETER LAYTON | Over the past week, the US has realised and revealed that an active fleet of Chinese spy balloons has been operating across… Read More

Pacific Outlook Bulletin | 15 February

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    Parliament sits in Fiji Parliament is sitting this week in Fiji and we are getting more of a sense… Read More

Southeast Asia snapshot #44

SOVINDA PO | Political update in Myanmar Myanmar has now been under junta control for two years. Even in the face of international… Read More

Chinese grey zone spy balloons over the American heartland

PETER LAYTON | Bizarrely, the Chinese have sent a high-flying spy balloon deep into the American heartland. The logic is that such balloons fly more… Read More

Australia’s return to must-win wars

PETER LAYTON | It’s been a long time since Australia fought to win a war. Famed military historian David Horner has tied it down… Read More


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