Duelling battle networks: The new equilibrium

PETER LAYTON | With digital technology omnipresent, future major wars will most likely pivot around duelling battle networks. These complicated systems represent unique target sets best attacked through using system of system thinking and emerging ideas of cognitive warfare. Particularly given China’s “systems confrontation” focus, attacking battle networks is an idea that can’t be neglected. Time to think deeply about it. Read More

The first casualty of war is the truth: Myanmar casualty statistics may be skewed

ANDREW SELTH  |    Since the latest civil war began in Myanmar in 2021, elements of the opposition movement have been making increasingly bold claims about its battlefield successes and the problems facing the military regime. Some of these claims need to be treated very carefully. Read More

Regional Outlook | I Nogat Inap Polis Man na Meri: A police shortage in Papua New Guinea

SEAN JACOBS  | 30-MINUTE READ | Contents Download PDF Introduction Crime and the constabulary The problems of a… Read More

As Russia woos nations to support its war in Ukraine, will fault lines deepen around the globe?

MATTHEW SUSSEX | For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the mistaken belief that he could conquer much of Ukraine in a few days highlighted the depth of his hubris. Since then, his decision to continue the onslaught has revealed the ongoing practical costs to the Russian military. Now, Moscow’s attempt to meet those costs is also showing how the world is beginning to split along broad, albeit fuzzy, lines of competition that could resonate beyond the Ukraine war. Read More

India pushes China to the margins of the G20

IAN HALL | New multilateral agreements unveiled on the sidelines of the G20 show how India has been working hard to curtail China's strategic influence. Read More

Danger Will Robinson: Warfighting robots fast approaching

PETER LAYTON | "Mass is the new black"... In his latest piece, Peter Layton warns that cheap drones built in the thousands are setting the scene for future conflicts. Read More

Southeast Asia snapshot #57

SOVINDA PO | In this week's Southeast Asia snapshot, Sovinda Po looks at the election of Thailand's new Prime Minister while Singapore gears up for its upcoming Presidential election. Meanshile US, Japan, Australia and the Philippines conduct joint naval drills, highlighting the importance of maintaining strong alliances and fostering regional security in an ever-changing global landscape.. Read More

US military plans to unleash thousands of autonomous war robots over next two years

PETER LAYTON | The United States military plans to start using thousands of autonomous weapons systems in the next two years in a bid… Read More

Whether on Russia or China, clearly Baerbock is driving Germany’s change

IAN KEMISH AM  | Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s address to the Lowy Institute this week highlighted the significant changes in German foreign and security… Read More

‘Every flight is a learning event’: Why the V-22 Osprey aircraft won’t be grounded despite dozens of crashes and 54 fatalities

PETER LAYTON | At the weekend a V-22 Osprey aircraft crashed on Melville Island north of Darwin. Of the 23 US Marine Corps personnel onboard,… Read More


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