Coronavirus in the Pacific: weekly briefing

TESS NEWTON CAIN AND DAN MCGARRY |    Here is the latest news about the Covid-19 outbreak across the Pacific, from Dan McGarry and Tess… Read More

The brights spots of China’s post-coronavirus economy

China is banking on a boost in “new infrastructure” – including artificial intelligence and big data, with the 5G mobile network the main priority, says Rowan Callick. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    Former Prime Minister arrested on arrival in PNG Former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was arrested on his arrival into… Read More

Crisis, resilience and agency in the Pacific

“For Vanuatu while the government is giving out its relief supply, people in the communities are mobilising and bringing raw food crops to the people in the affected areas … Read More

Border disputes between India and Nepal: Will India act as a responsible rising power?

India and Nepal’s enduring border disputes have repeatedly provoked nationalist movements and protests in Nepal and alienated Nepal from India. Resolving the disputes through cooperative… Read More

Behind China’s newly aggressive diplomacy: ‘wolf warriors’ ready to fight back

When former President Hu Jintao visited Australia in 2003, he began his address to parliament by describing the exploits of a 15th century Chinese admiral, Zheng… Read More

Monetary policy statement by the Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea

Mr Loi M Bakani CMG, Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea The spread of Coronavirus, Covid-19, and its adverse impact through the disruption… Read More

Regional wrap

1. China uses trade lever to pressure Australia 2. The WHA passes motion to investigate Covid-19 3. Sino-Indian rivalry heats up again Read More

COVID-19: some other lessons for Australia

Bruce Miller AO, is the Chair of the Griffith Asia Institute Advisory Council. He was Australia’s former Ambassador to Japan, draws out the domestic policy implications for Australia of the slapdash and reckless COVID19 responses of Britain and the United States. And suggest for the examination of other policy models in Asia or continental Europe. Read More

China’s Challenges and International Order Transition: Beyond “Thucydides’s Trap”

The aim of the book is to broaden the debate beyond the “Thucydides Trap” perspective currently popular in the West. Rather than offering a single argument, this volume offers a platform for scholars, especially Chinese scholars vs. Western scholars, to exchange and debate their different views and perspectives on China and the potential transition of international order. Read More

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