Region-PNG and the Pacific

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 13 April

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  US officials to visit Solomon Islands The fallout from the announcement of a security agreement between Solomon Islands and China shows… Read More

A balancing act: Humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and the ADF

PETER LAYTON AND PETER LEAHY | The Australian Defence Force has a long and proud history of delivering Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR)… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 30 March

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Solomon Islands and China eye closer security relationships A leaked draft of a framework security agreement is the latest manifestation of… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 23 March

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  MP charged with murder in Papua New Guinea An MP and his associate have been charged with murder in PNG. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 16 March

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  COVID-19 raising serious questions in Vanuatu In Vanuatu, the number of COVID-19 cases is continuing to rise. Health authorities have converted… Read More

Digital futures: Financial inclusion in the Asia Pacific

ERIN WATSON-LYNN AND TENGFEI WANG | The outcomes of harnessing digital technologies for financial inclusion will pay dividends for people at the bottom of… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 9 March

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Vanuatu moves to COVID-19 Level 2 After more than a week of rumour and counter-rumour, the government of Vanuatu confirmed there… Read More

Data security, market competition and emerging mobile payment platforms in the Asia Pacific

HUI FENG, LUKE HOUGHTON, ERNEST FOO, DIAN TJONDRONEGORO AND KHONDKER MOHAMMAD ZOBAIR | Mobile payment platforms (MPPs) have become the vanguard of financial technology… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 2 March

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Pacific reacts to war in Ukraine Even though the war in Ukraine is half a world away, its effects are felt… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 23 February

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  COVID-19 across the region COVID-19 continues to spread in Solomon Islands and threatens to overwhelm the country’s health services. Authorities… Read More

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