Road to COP26

What is COP26 and why does the fate of Earth, and Australia’s prosperity, depend on it?

WESLEY MORGAN | In just over two weeks, more than 100 world leaders will gather in the Scottish industrial city of Glasgow for United Nations… Read More

Road to COP26: Innovative sources of funding for climate action in the Pacific

NIC MACLELLAN | Global climate negotiations through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) have focussed on targets for mitigation and the need… Read More

Road to COP26: Timeline of Pacific diplomacy

TESS NEWTON CAIN | ‘Climate diplomacy’ encompasses the interactions, practices and protocols through which state and non-state actors advance and negotiate their interests relating… Read More

Pacific climate diplomacy – strength in solidarity

MAHENDRA KUMAR | Over the last 10 years or so, the Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS), have demonstrated, through various significant events,… Read More

The urgency of action: Lessons for COP26 from the COVID-19 pandemic for the Pacific

The upcoming Glasgow COP26 is pivotal. Countries are expected to significantly enhance their commitments on reducing greenhouse emissions—“ratcheting up ambition”, in COP parlance—in order to… Read More

Pacific Pawa: Understanding how power differs in the context of Pacific climate diplomacy

For a long time, we’ve considered power as brute strength—as this ability that individuals and institutions have to influence people and circumstances. And in international… Read More

The Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS)’ early advocacy on climate and security at the United Nations

As part of our Road to COP26 series, Fulori Manoa looks back at the work done by Pacific countries to get climate change onto the global security agenda. Read More

Time to link diplomacy to action—climate change is at our doorstep

If there was need of any reminder of the growing threat of climate change in Palau, it was the devastation that was left by Typhoon… Read More

Achieving strong COP26 outcomes on climate finance for the Pacific through climate diplomacy

Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Leaders have reaffirmed climate change as the single greatest threat facing the Pacific. With the recurring onslaught of climate-exacerbated disasters,… Read More

Pacific climate diplomacy and the road to COP26

Today, the Griffith Asia Institute launches a new blog series that explores the road to the COP26 UN climate summit, to be held in Glasgow… Read More

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