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Griffith University is aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and committed to tackling global challenges around partnerships for the goals.

Financial integration: An OZ-PICs-NZ proposal

Dr Parmendra Sharma & Ms Kalolaini Ranadi discuss the opportunities for greater financial integration between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific island countries. Their study provides opportunities for a strategic OZ-PICs-NZ partnership in the financial landscape. Read More

Coronavirus in the Pacific: weekly briefing | 18 June

A weekly update on coronavirus in the Pacific with Griffith Asia Institute's, Tess Newton Cain and Dan McGarry. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 17 June

This week, Tess Newton Cain’s pacific bulletin looks at the tensions over China and Taiwan in the Solomon Islands, Bougainville elections and post-referendum negotiations affected by COVID-19, the saga at the University of the South Pacific, PNG’s call for a review of the Lombrum base agreement and the former PM to face criminal charges in Vanuatu. Read More

Activating greater trade and investment between Australia and Pacific island countries

Activating greater trade and investment between Australia and Pacific island countries. Can Australia be a bigger and better market for the Pacific. Read More

Information sharing among Pacific central banks: Some thoughts

In a previous article on the Pacific Forum, I raised the prospect of information sharing among the people of the South Pacific—particularly those in rural… Read More

The Pacific Step-up: it’s the way that you do it

"Good relationships have a fragility about them that you just have to accept. That fragility is only countered by authenticity and trust. " says Paul Slater on the Pacific Step-Up and the way in which it is approached. Read More

Coronavirus in the Pacific: weekly briefing

Covid19 in the #Pacific with Tess Newton Cain and Dan McGarry Guam has an increase of 5 cases Fiji declares itself virus free SolomonIslands remains under a state of emergency Read More

Trade and poverty: Some considerations for Pacific island countries

In September 2015, the United Nations general assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) to be achieved by 2030. Goal number one is to eradicate… Read More

COVID-19 Pandemic—discussion and information sharing is vital

COVID-19 has stormed the world by surprise. Its intensity, ferocity, and velocity of cross-border transmission have so far strained global financial systems and inflicted massive… Read More

Tracking COVID-19 aid and assistance to Pacific island countries

Griffith Asia Institute launches the Pacific Aid Tracker via the Pacific Hub. Read More


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Our research focuses on the trade and business, politics, governance, security, economies and development of the Asia Pacific and their significance for Australia. Griffith University is committed to advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the region.