Pillar 2: Livelihoods and culture

Activating greater trade and investment between Australia and Pacific island countries

Activating greater trade and investment between Australia and Pacific island countries. Can Australia be a bigger and better market for the Pacific. Read More

The Pacific Step-up: it’s the way that you do it

"Good relationships have a fragility about them that you just have to accept. That fragility is only countered by authenticity and trust. " says Paul Slater on the Pacific Step-Up and the way in which it is approached. Read More

Trade and poverty: Some considerations for Pacific island countries

DEVENDRA NARAIN, KELERA ROGOIRUWAI AND TARLOK SINGH In September 2015, the United Nations general assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) to… Read More

Pacific Trade Invest launches a longitudinal survey to monitor COVID-19 impacts on Pacific businesses

Pacific Trade Invest launches a longitudinal survey to monitor Covid-19 impacts on Pacific businesses by Caleb Jarvis for Griffith Asia Institute Read More

To bubble or not to bubble – there are Pacific questions

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  It should not come as a surprise to learn that there have been mixed responses from Pacific leaders… Read More

Time to get serious about support for the Pacific’s least developed countries

Until early this year the Pacific islands were a rare ray of sunshine for the international development system. The region’s four least developed countries (LDCs)… Read More

COVID-19 delivers a body blow to Pacific tourism

The Pacific’s $4.2 billion tourism industry has been brought to its knees by COVID-19, with no certain signs of a proper recovery for at least two years. Tourism receipts from air travel alone totalled US$4.2 billion in 2019, an increase from US$4 billion in 2018. The economic fallout from the decline is expected to be severe in a region prone to natural disasters, and high levels of poverty and unemployment. Read More

Scholars examine emerging developmental issues in the Pacific region

Earlier this year the newly formed Development Studies Association of Australia (DSAA) held its inaugural conference. To date Australia has… Read More

Is there an art to multi-stakeholder collaboration for resilient development in the Pacific region?

Looking back at my professional career as a climate change and disaster advisor to date, I’ve observed that one of the common denominators across success… Read More

Remittances vis-à-vis bank credit and investments in Pacific island countries: The case of Fiji

Remittances––the transmission of money and goods to households by migrant workers for reasons of altruism, insurance and investment––have increased steadily over the years to become… Read More


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