Pillar 2: Livelihoods and culture

COVID-19: Danger or opportunity for tourism livelihoods in Pacific islands?

ROSS WESTOBY | On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. Pacific nations acted quickly to close… Read More

Vale Dr Netatua Pelesikoti Taufatofua

Dr Netatua Pelesikoti, a distinguished Tongan scientist, passed away suddenly in Nuku’alofa on 11 November.  The Griffith University community would like to express our heartfelt condolences… Read More

Fostering intergenerational dialogue in the Pacific: A personal reflection

Iree chow shares a personal reflection on fostering intergenerational dialogue in the Pacific. Read More

Calls for a COVID ‘kava bubble’ as supply from Pacific to Australia dries up

Kava-crisis - With little of the homemade Pacific brew available in Australia, prices have skyrocketed, and there’s been a spike in seizures at the border Read More

Perspectives:Asia | You can’t paint the Pacific with just one brush

An in-conversation, chaired by Andrew Fa’avale from MANA Pasifika as our engaged panel of Pasifika youth share their perspectives and experiences, the contributions they make to their communities while sharing the challenges they face, be it independence, remittances, climate change, retaining culture, employment amongst others. Read More

Keeping SMEs afloat during COVID-19: How are the PICs responding?

As a vulnerable group, SMEs are particularly at risk of failure from the prolonged consequences of COVID-19. Dr Lan Nguyen looks at Pacific Island Countries. Read More

Cash-“less”, cash-“more” or…? How the pandemic is affecting trends in the PICs

PARMENDRA SHARMA | In recent times, there has been a global “push” or trend otherwise, led largely by the new generation to go more… Read More

Envisioning a Pacific labour market

JAMES COX  |  COVID-19 has demonstrated the central part that connection plays in our lives. We have experienced what can be achieved when people… Read More

A closer look at youth entrepreneurship in the Pacific

The developmental futures of Pacific states are intrinsically intertwined with the entrepreneurial opportunities available to their youth populations. Aidan Craney discusses further. Read More

Tough choices dealing with COVID-19 in the Pacific

Tess Newton Cain shares her insights on the tough choices Pacific Island Countries have to make when dealing with the covid19 pandemic. Read More


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